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Easing the Pain:

Overcoming the Loss of a Child

Regardless of the age or reason, the loss of any child can be overwhelming and exhausting. But when a parent has to bury their adult child, the measure of grief can be intensified and seems like it’s too much bear. Unfortunately, many people in society discount the measure of grief when a parent loses an adult child versus a minor. But for those parents, there’s not only healing—there is hope.


In this candid literary masterpiece, author Dr. Terra DeFoe takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, healing and wholeness after such a great loss. Equipping readers with pivotal tools to build their own “toolbelt,” she strategically helps readers manage, maintain, survive and eventually thrive through the good and challenging times that are sure to come and go unexpectedly.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to freely express your emotions and feelings as you process the loss

  • How to cope with the trauma, loss and grief healthily

  • How to take the necessary steps to create a path that best fits your recovery plan

  • How to identify signs/symptoms they may have ignored

  • And more!

Book price: $14.99  + $8.95 shipping

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You Will Never Walk Alone

You Never Walk Alone will remind you of a greater faith, that although one may suffer the effects of loneliness while walking through life, you are never truly alone. You Never Walk Alone will encourage you to connect with a faith that is built upon trusting in the reality of a loving, kind, friend named Jesus; who walks with us through life and assists us when no one else can.

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