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You Never Walk Alone will remind you of a greater faith, that although one may suffer the effects of loneliness while walking through life, you are never truly alone. You Never Walk Alone will encourage you to connect with a faith that is built upon trusting in the reality of a loving, kind, friend named Jesus; who walks with us through life and assists us when no one else can.

You Never Walk Alone guides you through life s challenges and what were once overcoming circumstances by realizing that at every turn, there is someone to walk with you. This book has been designed to set you free from the bondage of depression and loneliness which affects our next steps and forward progress. Loneliness can swallow those who feel as if they are alone with feelings of regret, bitterness, frustration, anger and disappointment. Our new truth must become that we are never alone. Contained within this book are basic examples to identify and to overcome adversity by walking with triumphant faith. Read it and be encouraged...Read it and take heart in realizing that the essence of God and life is love. From (God s) love we originate and to (God s) love we must return.

You Never Walk Alone

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